Family Tree by David E. Corley

From my research I have found our Corleys, probably called Karle, came from Whales. Then to England by the mid 1500s Then by way of Ireland to America by the early 1600s.

John Corley b. c.1556 – d. c.1630 Married Alles Short b: 9 NOV 1585 in Torrington Sussex, England Richard CORLEY b. c. 1620 – England Married Rebecca ? Children: 1.John CORLEY b: ABT. 1650 2.Edward CORLEY b: ABT. 1651 3.James CORLEY b: 1652 4.Richard CORLEY II b: BET. 1653 - 1655 in Blisland Parish, New Kent County VA 5.Robert CORLEY b: 1657 6.Francis CORLEY b: 1659

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT Proving Descent, from an Ancestor, Man or Woman, who resided in any of the Colonies now included in The United States of America during the period from the first Colonial settlement at Jamestown, May 13, 1607, then through all the other Colonies to December 31,1675.

Richard CORLEY, II b. c.1653 in Blisland Parish, New Kent County VA d. c.1708 in St. Paul's Parish, Hanover County, VA It is believed throughout the family that this Richard Corley, is Richard the Immigrant. Richard Corley is the earliest Corley of record in North America. Hanover County is near Richmond, up the James River from Jamestown and Williamsburg. The first ship reached Jamestown from England in 1607, not too long before Richard was born. I don't know where Richard was born, but if he wasn't born in England, his parents probably were. As Virginia got too crowded, and more land opened up to the south, descendants of Richard Corley migrated to the Edgefield County area of South Carolina and from there to Georgia, Alabama and other states Richard Corley was living in Blisland Parish, New Kent Co., Virginia in 1671, where "Rich Corley" witnessed with his mark, "RC," a deed from William Claiborne Junior of Ramancock, New Kent County to Joseph Cockeram. He may have been the same man listed as a headright in a land grant to Row. Horsly and Robert Lancaster in 1675/6, part of which was a renewal for a patent granted 8 Oct. 1672. Richard's own 80 acres of land lay in the deep forests along Crump's Creek near the Pamunkey River on the outermost fringes of settlement. In 1674 two mutinies against the Crown had failed. In 1676 the insurrection known as Bacon's Rebellion began and culminated with Bacon's death and the final defeat of his supporters in 1677. Richard Corley could have been a Bacon adherent since upper New Kent supplied many of his men, but of this we have no record. Richard was a signatory, again with his mark "RC", to a "grievance" submitted to His Majesty's Commissioners sent from England in January to inquire into the state of affairs in the Colony. Perhaps the best description of the times in which he lived is given there. "We present as an insupportable Grievance the great taxes imposed upon us yearly, especially the sixty pounds per poll which for two years together was levied upon the County, over and beside all ordinary and legal for the public. County and parish...We present as a most Heavy Grievance the late frequent horrid and barbarous murders committed and perpetuated upon our fellow subjects by the perfidious Indians, the Manifold Rapins and depredations by them committed upon our stocks and estates, and still expecting relief, but no order was taken but only that we should draw together at least ten able men to one house, whereupon ensued the lamentable burnings of houses, and several killed per the Indians, in adventuring to go to their plantation to make some Corn.." The Blisland residents also protested against the "Great exaction's of sheriffs ...the selling of strong drinks at any place where the County Courts is kept... it breeding matter of protraction in the county affairs..." and as "a manifest grievance the effort duties ...not withstanding when we are at any time called fourth by public authorities upon any military occasion, we are forced to find ourselves ammunition upon our private charge..." In this hostile and perilous environment Richard Corley made a life and raised a family. In about 1678 St. Peter's Parish was cut from Blisland and in 1704 the new County of Hanover and the new Parish of St. Paul's, then co-terminous with Hanover, were formed. Richard Corley's land fell into these successive jurisdictions as they were erected and it is in the extent Parish records that we can follow him through the years. It is the writers belief that he died shortly after this date. The next relevant entry refers only to Richard, with no mention of a younger man. "The lands of Daniel Parke Esqr, Henry Chiles Gent., Henry Bourn, Paul Harrold, Richard Anderson & Richard Corley lying adjacent to each other, being made one precinct, the said Henry Childs and Richard Anderson were appointed overseers thereof, and made this return on the back of ye Ordr, viz. November 19th 1708. It is this writer's considered opinion that Richard Corley of New Kent - Hanover Counties, Virginia was born about 1650, died about 1708/9 in Hanover County, and was the father of at least two identifiable sons Herein is a list of Possible brothers of Richard Corley born Abt. 1653: John Corley born Abt. 1650. Edward Corley born Abt. 1651. James Corley born Abt. 1652. Robert Corley born Abt. 1657. Francis Corley born Abt. 1659. Richard CORLEY, III b.c.1674 in Hanover County, VA d.c.1740 in Hanover County, VA Married: ? AUSTIN Note: The given name of "Austin" in several generations of descendants suggests that his wife might have been a member of the Austin family who lived nearby in Hanover County. However "Austin" has appeared more than once as a contraction of "Augustine" and no evidence has ever been found to connect the two families. Ge Lee Hendrix, CG, suggests that some early Corleys of N.C. may be of this group, including Robert Colly whose Will dated 15 Apr 1744 was probated in Craven County, N.C. 26 Jun 1744, recorded 15 Jul 1744. Devisees wife Katherine and minor son James. It is also indicated that Richard Corley; and possibly his sons were Road Surveyors. They lived in Hanover and Orange Counties in Virginia. On 24 Mar 1725 Richard Corley had received a grant of 237 acres of new land in Hanover Co., Virginia. Could have been in St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co., Virginia. Also listed in the book; "A Pictorial History of the Egan- Hazlitt-Reutter-Kissel and Allied Lineage's". written by ___ Egan. This book can be found in the Owensboro Public Library, in the Kentucky Room. Richard Corley (1670 - XXXX). See Notes of Richard Corley (1653-1698). He probably inherited his father's land and resided on it until his death. "The lands of Mr. Henry Chiles, Paul Harrold, John Giles, John Ray, Henry Bourn, John Snead, Widow Austin, Richard Anderson, Richard Corley, Henry Snead, Thomas Tinsley, being made one precinct , of which the said Mr. Henry Chiles & Paul Harrold were appointed Overseers, made this return viz. 8brm the kast 1711, in compliance of the within order, we the subscribers have processiond, and remark'd the bounds of each mans Land, as per within Order, Sign'd by all the Parties." "The lands of Mr. Henry Chiles, Paul Harroldson, John Giles, John Ray, Henry Bourn, John Snead, John Killcrease, Richard Anderson, Richard Corley, Henry Snead, and Thomas Tinsley ... made this return, January 3, 1715..." "The lands of Paul Harroldson, Richard Anderson, Widow Chiles, John Giles, John Ray, Henry Bourne, Widow Snead, John Killcrease, Richard Corley, Henry Snead, and Thomas Tinsley...we have completed the ...processioning..." This entry is undated, but the one above was returned on 27 Feb 1719 and the next date below is 30 March 1720. At a Vestry held 16 Apr 1723. "In obedience to an order of Ct. date 1 Feb 1723, appointing John Tinsley to be Surveyor of a Road to be cleared from Crumps Creek, by Richard Corley to the road by Edward Chambers Senior, James Hooper, Col. Birds Middle Quarter, with all their male tithables to assist him, to clear & maintain the said road. At a Vestry held 10 Oct 1724, Parish accounts include: "To Richard Corley for keeping a woman, 6 months, & Burial...350 (lbs. of tobacco)". At a Vestry held 11 Apr 1732. "Ordered that Richard Corley have William Chambers and his Tithes, John Tinsley & his Tithes, John Browning and his Tithes, and all his own sons to assist his clearing the road, whereof he is surveyor. "This is the last entry found for him in St. Paul's Parish records. On 24 Mar 1725, a Richard Corley had received a grant of 257 acres of new land in Hanover County, adjoining John Harris, Mr. Garland, Elizabeth Reynolds and James Brown, on Harris' branch. There is no way to know if this land was granted to the elder Richard or his son. On 20 Sept 1734 a Richard Cawley witnessed an indenture between Thomas Reynolds and John Brown, both of St. Paul's Parish, Hanover for land in St. Paul's. This could also refer to either of these men. There is an entry dated 2 June 1740 in the accounts of Partridge Store, Hanover County, with Mr. John Snelson which reads: "pd Richard Corley as per his note on you. "This, of course, could be in reference to a Richard of a later generation, but could also mean that Richard was still living as late as 1740. The date of his death is unknown. No more records have been found to give us details of Richard Corley's life and the name of his wife is not known. He was probably born about 1675 and had several sons old enough to work on the roads in 1732, with some removing to other parts of Virginia and onward and one of whom apparently remained in Hanover County. Children: 1.John CORLEY, Sr. b: ABT. 1695 in , Hanover County, VA 2.James CORLEY b: 1700 in Hanover County, VA 3.Rebecca CORLEY b: ABT. 1710 in Hanover Co., VA 4.Richard CORLEY b: 1719 in Hanover County, VA John CORLEY, Sr. b.c. 1695 in Hanover County, VA d.c. JAN 1742/43 in , Orange County, VA Note: John Corley, born Abt.1695 Hanover Co., Virginia, bought 312 acres in Orange Co., Virginia on both sides of the Mine Run on 18 Nov 1735. He was born in St. Paul's Parish. In 1729 he lived in St. Martin's Parish. By February 1743 John Corley had died without making a Will. Also listed in the book; "A Pictorial History of the Egan-Hazlitt-Reutter-Kissel and Allied Lineage's". written by ___ Egan. This book can be found in the Owensboro Public Library, in the Kentucky Room. John Corley (1700 - 1743); See notes of Richard Corley (1653-1698). Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown Marriage 2 \\ UNKNOWN Children: 1.John CORLEY, Jr. b: 1719 in Orange Co., VA 2.Valentine CORLEY b: 1721 3.Richard CORLEY b: 1723 4.Robert CORLEY b: 1725 5.William CORLEY b: 1727 Marriage 3 Unk (CORLEY)

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John CORLEY, Jr. b. 1719 in Orange Co., VA d. 1805 in Edgefield County, SC Marriage 1 Delilah? Married: in Granville Co., NC. Note:John Corley was a Corporal in Captain Amrous Joshua Smith's Company of Colonial Soldiers in Edgecombe Co. Militia, NC 1750. Children: 1.Abner CORLEY 2.Richard CORLEY 3.John CORLEY 4.Sherwood CORLEY 5.Catlett CORLEY 6.Delilah CORLEY 7.Nathaniel CORLEY Marriage 2nd Mary WHITE Married: in Edgefield Co., SC. Children: 1.Robert CORLEY 2.Valentine CORLEY Abner CORLEY b. 10 April 1758, Bute Co., NC d. 25 July 1844 Greensburg, SC Note: A Rev. War Soldier buried in Watson Cemetery Ridge Spring SC. Married: ABT 1783 Patience Perry d/o Jacob Perry of Craver/ Province SC. Buried in Watson Cemetery Ridge Spring SC. Children:

Not necessary in this order

1.Ann CORLEY 2.Sarah Ann CORLEY 3.John CORLEY RWP 4.Abner CORLEY, Jr. 5.Sherwood CORLEY RWP 6.Frances CORLEY m. ? Rogers 7.Simeon CORLEY 8.Willis Corley

Willis CORLEY 1789 Edgefield SC 1861 Coweta Co., GA Note: Marriage 1 Nancy (George?) (born in Ireland 1786) Children: 1.Elbert D. CORLEY 2.John H. CORLEY 3. Others Elbert D. CORLEY b. 1815 Edgefield SC d. c. 1888 Fayette Co., GA Marriage 16 Nov. 1838 Fayette Co GA, Mary Ann MOORE b. 1812 Green Co., GA d. c. 1917 Henry Co. GA. Dau. of William A. Moore and Susan ____

Our Moore Line

Note: Was in the Mexican and the War for Southern Independence Children; 1.Willis B. Corley b. 1839 d. Fayelle Co., GA 1906 Henry Co., GA m. Ophelia DARSEY Henry Co. GA (CSA) 2.George Corley b. 1842 Fayette Co. GA. d. 1863 Ft. Jackson, GA (Civil War) 3.William Asmon Corley b.1843 Fayette Co., GA 4.John J. Corley b.1844 (CSA) 5.Elbert Jackson CORLEY b. 1847 Fayette Co., GA (Listed some places as Jackson E. Corley) m. Mary F. Starr Couch 6.Martha E. CORLEY b. 1949 Fayette Co,. GA 7.Thomas CORLEY b. 1851 Coweta Co., GA 8.Samuel CORLEY b. 1853 9.Susan CORLEY b. 1856 10.M. E. CORLEY b. 1859 11.Jordan CORLEY b. 1868 William Asmon CORLEY b. 1843 Fayette Co., GA d. 1914 Henry Co., GA

These Old Confederate soldier veterans at their 1913 reunion in McDonough Ga. William Asmon Corley, From my research and family legend, I believe that he is the fourth man from right.

Note: Was in the Civil War with 3 of his brothers in Co A, 22 Bn Ga. Heavy Arty (CSA). He died July 29 1914 Henry Co., GA in a house Fire trying to save his granddaughter Leonna. Married 1st Kissiah Jane CALLAWAY 2nd Mary Elizabeth CALLAWAY 1880 Spalding Co., GA (sister to Kissiah Callaway) both women were dau. Levin Jackson Callaway (Called Jackson b. abt 1815 in GA son of Elisa Hall Callaway (descend of Peter and Elizabeth Johnson Callaway.)and Delilah Proctor. Jackson married Mary Elizabeth Morgan June 12, 1845 in Henry Co., GA. She was the daughter of Elisa Morgan and Isabel Harrell. Jackson and Mary are buried in the Files cemetery in Henry County, GA. Jackson Callaway was in Co G, 2nd GA Res. CSA. 1st Marriage Kissia Jane Callaway b. Children: 1.Elizabeth (Lizzie) CORLEY b. 1847 Spaulding Co., GA m. S. L. Self 14 Dec 1892 Clayton Co., GA 2.Kittie M. CORLEY b. 1876 Spaulding Co., GA m. H. L. Sanders 13 Sept 1896 Clayton Co., GA 2nd Marriage Mary Elizabeth Callaway b.1864 GA.

Our Callaway Line

Children: 3.Mattie F. CORLEY b. 19 Nov. 1881 Clayton Co., GA d. 2 June 1942 Henry Co,m GA m. Robert Lee Jarrett 30 Oct. 1898 Clayton Co., GA 4.William D. CORLEY b. 23 July 1884 Clayton Co., GA d. 11 May 1967 Fulton Co., GA m. Fannie Lousia Puckett 13 Dec. 1903 Henry Co., GA b. 8 Aug. 1887 d. 10 Jan Henry Co., GA Both are buried in Old Concord cemetery Henry Co., GA 3rd Married Iola V. Sanders

No issue, buried in Tanner Baptist CH Cemetery Colony GA

THE REV. WILLIAM D. CORLEY & CHILDREN Standing L-R, James C. {JC}, Frances O., Randolph, Josie, Grady, Burnice, Milton- Siting L-R, Irene, Ellen, W.D. {papa} Allie

William D. CORLEY b. 23 July 1884 Clayton Co., GA d. 11 May 1967 Fulton Co., GA He married, Marriage b.13 Dec. 1893 FANNIE PUCKETT CORLEY Aug 8 1887-Jan 10 1923

Our Puckett/Butler Line

Children: 1. Allies CORLEY 2. Ellen CORLEY 3.Edna Irene CORLEY 4.Burnies CORLEY 5.Frances Orelia CORLEY 6.Milton D. CORLEY 7.Randolph CORLEY 8.Grady CORLEY 9.Josie CORLEY 10.James Calvin CORLEY 11.John William CORLEY

Jan 5 1923-Jan 6 1923

James Calvin Corley b: August 01, 1921 in Henry County, Ga. d: August 08, 1973 in Rockdale County, Ga. Military service: U.S. Army WWII. He Married, Ruby Virginia Johnson b: March 20, 1924. She was the daughter of Nathan Lewis Johnson b: July 16, 1902 d: June 10, 1989 in Dallas, North Carolina and Lois Westbrook b: April 30, 1905 d: March 23, 1928. James was the son of William D. Corley and Fannie L. Puckett dau. of John R. Puckett and LaDela Pattillo. LaDela was the dau. of James Martin and Elizabeth Hightower Pattillo dau. Raleigh Hightower (c. 1799-1853), in Clarke Co., 29 Apr. 1819 and Elizabeth (Betsy) House (c. 1802-post 1870).

Our Hightower Line

Our Line

Our Line

Our Line

Our Line

Children: Kenneth James Corley Military service: U.S. Navy, U. S. S. Hornet married Barbara Reynolds. Children: 1 Kurt James Corley married 1st Angela Giradano Children: Cody James Corley, Royce William Corley Brittany Elizabeth Corley. Married 2nd Dorinda ? 2 Kenneth Grady Corley married 1st Rebecca Giradano Children: Bradley Steven Corley, Miranda Nicole Corley. Married 2nd Connie Bennett Children: Autumn McKenzie Corley, Madison Grace Corley stepson: Drew Bennett from Connie’s previous marriage. 3 William “Billy” Eugene Corley married Mary Ellen Duncan Children: Eli Conner Corley. 4 Sonya Denise Corley married Terry Lewis Children: Taylor Fay Lewis David Ernest Corley Military service: U.S. 508th Airborne married Sherry Sue Gentry. Children: 1 Dr. Joe Aaron Corley, married Paula Marie Eversolep,

a. William Landon Corley

b. June 10, 2005 2 Justin Daniel Corley. Roger Lewis Corley married Tina Franklin. Children: 1 Craig Corley married Victoria issue: Megan Corley. 2 Tammy Bernice Corley married Eddie Kelly issue: Blake, Chase, Lang. Charlotte Ann Corley married 1st Ronald Webb Children: 1 Rhonda Michelle Webb married Mickey Lin Carroll issue: Micayla Raelin Carroll and stepdaughters Mallory Kaelin Carroll and Meghan Joslin Carroll from Mickey’s previous marriage. 2 Monica Rochelle Webb married Christopher Millians issue: Ashlyn Mackenzie Millians and Jackson Caleb Millians. Married 2nd George Wilkins. 3 George Brian Wilkins. Ruby V. Johnson married secound, Jack Barrett Children: Sandy Kay Barrett married 1st Edmund Franklin. Children: 1 Jeremy Lanier Franklin 2 Nicolas Barrett Franklin

(see, My Johnsons)

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