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About this website!

It is constructed on Internet Explorer browser. If you are using another browser like Netscape the website font, images and icons will appear smaller. To correct this click on “View” on your menu bar at the top of the page. Go down to “Zoom 100%” click on it and when the panel comes up click on “125” you can go higher or lower. Or click on View them click on Text Size then increase text. This should work on all websites and word documents if you have a problem email me. I like to make my own Icon, bars, banners, backgrounds and such. Building a new site if I find something on another site that I think may work on it I will borrow it for awhile and if it works I will create something similar to it that fit’s the theme of the new site. Anyone is welcome to use any of my website items as long as they are used in a moral and lawful way that brings respect and honor to what they represent. The site has had over five hundred hits but that will increase now that it is linked to the major search engines and other sources. The Guest Book has been busy and it’s good to hear from our Alabama cousins. Anytime we can recognize the Alabama CSA it’s an honor. Some of Georgia’s favorite CSA sons served with Alabama, C.S.A. Generals, Fighting Joe Wheeler and John B. Gordon, later Governor of Georgia. Of all my Alabama cousins I admire none more than Alabama Governor George Corley Wallace. Image 2 We are frequently changing and adding to the website. The new Genealogy Page will have links to CSA related info with some hard to find sources. If you know of one or have such a website send it in you may help someone find a lost ancestors. I’m working on a 1729 camp member CSA ancestors page that will link to and from the genealogy page. Check the site often and sign our guest book. Thanks for your support, DEC

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