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Robert I, King of Scots, was the architect of Scotland greatest ever victory over the English at Bannockburn, driving them out and uniting all Scotland in a burning desire for independence. Bruce took up the reins of Scotland's freedom as the other great patriot of the age, Sir William Wallace, was forced to let them go. Robert was crowned king in a year after Wallace was hung, drawn and quartered by the English in 1305, and he became determined to achieve the one feat his heroic predecessor had never managed - to free Scotland.

The House of Bruce

Bruce, A Noble Scottish family, originally named de Bruce, descended from Robert de Bruce I (died about 1094). De Bruce was a Norman knight from Bruis, a castle near Cherbourg, France, who in 1066 went to England with William the Conqueror. Robert de Bruce II (1078?-1141), son of Robert de Bruce I, was a companion in arms of Prince David of Scotland, afterward King David I, from whom he received a grant of the lordship of Annandale (now in the region of Dumfries and Galloway). The English estates of Robert de Bruce II were inherited by his eldest son, whose male line terminated in Peter Bruce (died 1271), constable of Scarborough. Annandale passed to the second son, Robert de Bruce III (d. 1189?), who is considered the founder of the Scottish branch of the family. He had two sons: Robert de Bruce IV (d. 1191?), who in 1183 married a daughter of William the Lion, king of Scotland; and William de Bruce (flourished 1191), whose son Robert de Bruce V (d. 1245) married a niece of William the Lion, thus laying the foundations for the claim of the house of Bruce to the Scottish throne. The son of Robert de Bruce V, Robert de Bruce VI (1210-95), called The Competitor, vied unsuccessfully for the Scottish throne with John de Baliol. The son of Robert de Bruce VI, Robert de Bruce VII, earl of Carrick (1253-1304), paid homage to Edward I, king of England. In 1306 the son of Robert de Bruce VII, Robert de Bruce VIII, usually known as Robert Bruce, became king of Scotland as Robert I. The Scottish throne passed to his son, David Bruce, known as King David II; he died without an heir. David's nephew, also the grandson of King Robert I, ascended to the Scottish throne as Robert II and founded the Stuart house of Kings of England and Scotland.

Motto:"We have been". Badge: Depicts a lion.

{A lion statant with tail extended, azure, armed and langued gules}

The following is what I have found to be my de Bruce ancestral family, Scottland. This is a compiled research from de Bruce researchers that I know, others that have genealogy post on the Internet and my personal research. All the information here has been established by two or more sources. This is an ongoing genealogy of this de Bruce family correction, questions and complaints should be emailed to the Webmaster. Thanks for the visit.

Robert de Bruges (Castellan of Bruges 1046, emigrated to Normandy 1051) m. Emma of Brittany (dau of Allan, Earl of Brittany) This connection (showing that this Robert may have been a younger son of Lambert I, Count of Louvain) has been suggested by 'Baronage' (see after consideration of heraldic and other clues. Robert de Brusse (came to England with William the Conqueror, 1066) m. Agnes de St. Clair (dau of Waldonius, Earl of St. Clair) Adam de Brusse of Skelton, Lord of Cleveland (d 1098) m. Emma de Ramsay (dau of Sir William de Ramsay) Robert de Bruce, Lord of Skelton and 1st of Annandale (d 05.1141) m. Agnes de Paganell (b c1076, dau of Fulk de Paganell) Sir Robert de Bruce, 2nd Lord of Annandale (b c1103, d 1194) m. Euphemia William de Bruce, 3rd Lord of Annandale (b c1142, d 1215) m. Cristina Sir Robert de Bruce, 4th Lord of Annandale (d 1245) m. Isabel de Huntingdon (b 1206, d c1251, dau of David, Earl of Huntingdon) Isabel was a niece of the Scots Kings Malcolm IV and William 'the Lion'. It was because of this connection that her great-grandson Robert became entitled to claim the throne. Sir Robert de Bruce, 'the Competitor', 5th Lord of Annandale (b 1210, d 1295) m1. (1240) Isabel de Clare (b 1226, d 1254, dau of Gilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Gloucester, 5th Earl of Hertford) Sir Robert de Bruce, 6th Lord of Annandale (d by 04.04.1304) m1. Marjory, Countess of Carrick (d 1292, dau of Neil, Earl of Carrick) Robert 'the' Bruce, King Robert I of Scots (b 11.07.1274, d 07.06.1329) m1. (c 1295) Isobel of Mar (dau of Sir Donald, 6th Earl of Mar Stewart to Bruce Walter Stewart, 6th High Stewart of Scotland (b 1292, d 1325 m. (10)Marjorie Bruce (dau of Robert Bruce, King Robert 1 of Scots) Robert Stewart, King Robert II of Scots (b 02.03.1316, d 19.04.1390) m1. (1347) Elizabeth Mure (dau of Sir Adam Mure of Rowallan) Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany, Regent (b 1339, d 03.09.1420) m1. Margaret Graham, Countess of Menteith (d c1380) Abernethy to Stewart (5)William Abernethy, 6th of Saltoun (b by1365, d 1420) m. (6)Mary Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany) (4)Sir William Abernethy (dvp Harlaw 24.07.1411) m. Margaret Borthwick (dau of Sir William Borthwick) (3)Laurence Abernethy, 8th of Saltoun, 1st Lord Saltoun (b c1400, d before 13.03.1460-1) m. (by 1448) Margaret Gordon to Abernethy (2)Elisabeth Abernethy m. (1)John Gordon, younger of Scardargue, 1st of Auchleuchries John Gordon, 2nd of Auchleuchries (d c1496 m. Margaret Forbes (dau of Sir Alexander Forbes, 3rd of Pitsligo) John Gordon, 3rd of Auchleuchries, 1st of Pitlurg (d 1546) m 1. Jane Stewart (dau of John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl) John Gordon, 2nd of Pitlurg, 4th of Auchleuchries (d Pinkie 10.09.1547) m. (1542-3) Janet Ogilvie (dau of Alexander Ogilvie of Deskford) Sir John Gordon, 3rd of Pitlurg (d 16.09.1600) m. (1567) Isabel Forbes (b 16.10.1548, bur 22.03.1622, dau of Forbes, 7th Lord) John Gordon, 4th of Pitlurg (d 1619) m. Nicola Kinnaird (dau of Patrick Kinnaird) Robert Gordon of Straloch, 5th of Pitlurg (b 14.09.1580, d 18.08.1661, geographer, etc) m. (1608) Katherine Irvine (d 03.08.1662, dau of Alexander Irvine of Wester Beltie, cadet of Drum) Arthur Gordon of Straloch (b 1625, d 1680) m. Catherine Menzies (dau of Alexander Menzies of Kinmundy Abercrombie to Gordon *Lady Mary Gordon 1671-1742 m. Sir James Abercromby 1668-1734 2nd baronet of Birkenbog James Alexander Abercrombie, II. b. 1713 in Scotland near St. Andrews d. 1782 m. 1st Hannah Pickard no issue, m. 2nd Katherine Thompson. John ABERCROMBE b 1736 Scotland d 1816 Laurens, SC m 1764 Ann KELLETT b c. 1742 Laurens, SC Daughter of: Joseph KELLETT b 1720 d 1785 Laurens, SC COLVILLE ABERCROMBIE, b 04 Oct. 1763, Ninety- Six Dist., SC, d. 01 Nov. 1837 Laurens Co., SC. m 11 Jul. 1785, Ninety- Six Dist., SC, MARY LINDLEY b. 1764, d. 12 June 1852, dau. of Thomas Lindley (son of, James Lindley, born April 16, 1681 and Eleanor Parke, born Jan 2, 1683.) b. 1706, Ballyredman, County Carlow, Ireland, d 14 Sep. 1781, Orange Co., NC. m 1731, Chester Co., PA, Ruth HADLEY, dau. Simon and Ruth (Miller) Hadley, b. 1711 d. 1785, Orange Co., NC. Sims to Abercrombie *Ruthie ABERCROMBIE b. 1803 Laurens Co., SC m. Alfred Franklin (Banks) SIMS 1800 – 1886 was the son of, Clayborn C. Sims Jr. b. 1760 Halifax, VA & d. 1812 m. 1785 Martha “Paddy” Parker b. 1766 & d. 1819 Laurens, SC dau. of William Parker SC. Alfred Sims and Ruthie Abercrombie moved to Georgia in 1834. Alfred d. in Rockdale Co., Ga. on April 2, 1886. Ruthie d. in Rockdale Co. Ga. 1892. Both are buried in Smyrna Church Cem., Rockdale Co., Ga. (um) the 1950 DeKalb Co., Ga. Puckett to Sims *Sarah Elizabeth Sims b. Jan. 1, 1827 d. m. John A. Puckett b. Jan. 16, 1827 Newton C., GA son of John H. Puckett and Tabitha Richards. John A. Puckett was a soldier in the Confederate Army and the US Dakotas Indian Wars. John Rufas Puckett b.17 Mar. 1861 Henry Co., GA d. there 24 June 1951 m. 1st Harriett Ludella Pattillo b. 1869 Henry Co., GA d. 1929. Harriett was the dau. of James Martin Pattillo and Elizabeth Hightower. Corley to Puckett *Fannie Louisa Puckett b.8 Aug 1887 d. 10 Jan 1923. m. William Dauphus Corley 12 Dec. 1903 born July 23, 1884 died May 11, 1967 Son of William A. Corley and MAry Elizabeth Callaway. James Calvin Corley b. 1 Aug. 1921 d. 8 Aug. 1973 m. Ruby Virgina Johnson b. 20 Mar. 1924 (Living) dau. of Nathan Lewis JOHNSON b. 16 July 1902-10 d. June 1989-Dallas N.C. and Lois Lillian WESTBROOK b 30 Apr. d. 23 Mar. 1928. Lois was the dau. of James Westbrook and Mary Lynch. David E. Corley m. Sherry Gentry (Living) Dr. Joe Aaron Corley m. Paula Eversole (Living) Issue: William Landon Corley, Abalyn Maris Corley Justin Daniel Corley (Living)

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