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From my research it is my belief our Corleys probably called Karle? came from out of Persia around 800 AD then to Germany to England to Whales by the late 1500s. Then by way of Ireland to America by the early 1600s.

Our American immigrant was; RICHARD CORLEY, was born BEF. 1655, and died ABT. 1708 in Hanover County, VA Father of; RICHARD CORLEY, II was born ABT. 1673. He married AUSTIN? Father of; JOHN CORLEY, born ABT. 1700, Hanover County, Virginia; died January 1743, Orange County, Virginia. Married ? Father of; JOHN CORLEY, II born ABT. 1736, Hanover CO. VA Granville Co. NC died BEF. May 1805, AFT. Jul 1802, Edgefield Co. SC married ABT 1751, [1st] [2nd], Mary [4th] Father of; Abner Corley born 10 April 1758, Bute Co. NC died 1844 Greensburg, SC married ABT 1783 Patience Perry daughter of Plooy Perry Father of; Willis B. Corley born 1787 SC died BEF. 1870 married c. 1814 SC Nancy ? born 1786 in Ireland. Died BEF. 1870? Father of; Elbert D. Corley born 1815 SC died AFT 1870 Henry Co., Ga. Married Nov. 16, 1838 Fayette Co., Ga. Mary Ann Moore, daughter of William Moore, died AFT. 1898 Henry Co. Ga. Father of; William Asmon Corley born 1843 died July 29, 1914 Henry Co., Ga. married 2nd Mary Elizabeth Callaway. Daughter Jackson and Mary Elizabeth Morgan Callaway. Father of; William Dauphus Corley born July 23, 1884 died May 11, 1967 married Dec. 12, 1903 Fanny Puckett, born Aug. 8, 1887 died Jan. 10, 1923 Henry Co., Ga. daughter of John Riley and Harriett LuDella Pattillo Puckett.

Finding Grandma Patience

Those of us who dabble in family research will sooner or later have an experience such as this one I recently had. It is but one of many for me, call it coincidence, luck or what ever. For myself and Iím sure many of fellow researchers, we have our own idea. I had not found much information on our five times Great-grandfather Abner Corley. His Revolutionary War record was well documented but other than birth and death dates and locations, there wasnít much to go on. I had found some of his children including his son, Willis from whom we descended. You learn early in family research that you donít or canít give up. For some day you will pick up a book, visit a Genealogy web site or get a phone call from a stranger that will reveal what your are looking for. You have to keep going back to the genealogy library to check on the new books and material thatís come in. You have to keep checking back on the web sites to see if someone has posted new information that will help you. A couple of months ago I was at the library and some new books were in. In one that listed land sale transactions I found several incidents where Abner Corley had bought and sold land. On some of them it showed where Abnerís wife Patience Corley had signed over the property, as it was apart of her dowry. So now I know what Abnerís wifes, our five times great grand- motherís, first name was. I spent some time looking back over my material, searching the many web sites for South Carolina for a connection. I couldnít find anything new and laid it aside for the time being. A few months had past and as I was preparing our W. D. Corley line above I came to Abner and filling in his info, typing in Patienceís name saying to myself, Grandma why donít you tell me who you are? I sure would like to know. I worked on til it was getting late and I was about to turn off my computer. I was on a web site that had links to South Carolina genealogy and though I had gotten very weary I went on and clicked on the link and the site came up on my screen. I filled in the info on who I wanted to look for. For no particular reason I typed in Abner Corley. It took me to another site that had some info that I already had. Then I clicked on the last link and up came this web site on the Watson Family. This was something new but I had seen the name with Abnerís before. Reading on I found that this was Abnerís Company Officer in the Rev. War and evidently the families were close for it would also reveal that Abner and several of his family are buried in the Watson family cemetery. This info is like finding gold for a researcher but even more so was that this post told me that Abner was the son-in-law of Plooy Perry. That grandma Patience was the daughter of Plooy Perry. I stayed up another hour researching our new Perry line and from what I have found so far they are gong to be very interesting. If what I found holds up, and I think it will, one of our grandfathers from this line received a Revolutionary War land grant for 1500 acres in southern Georgia as in Perry, Ga. He must have been a high-ranking officer to receive that much land. For some reason I have a strong feeling that Abnerís mother was a Watson, maybe I should ask?? Here is the web site I mentioned, check it out, WATSON

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