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The name of Gordon is as ancient as any of the present European monarchies. Caesar mentions in his commentaries a people among the Nervii, called Gorduni, to whom he gives great praise for their brave defense of Ghent (their city, which he attacked in his conquest of Gaul, B. C. 53). It is said that the name originally came from "Gordonia," a city in Macedonia. The Gordons have been an active, romantic, adventurous and "restless" race. There were "heroes of the name of Gordon, who for valor and loyalty are hardly to be paralleled by any family in Britain, and can't be exceeded by any other in Europe." From "A History of the Gordons."

Out of crest coronet a stag's head (affrontée) Proper attired with 10 tines Or. BADGE

Quarterly, 1st, Azure, three boars' heads couped Or, armed Proper langued Gules (Gordon); 2nd, Or, three lion's heads erased Gules langued Azure (Lordship of Bedenoch); 3rd, Or, three crescents within a Royal Tressure Gules (seton); 4th, Azure, three fraises Argent (Fraser)


Gordon Branches

Gordon Dress Gordon Anicent Gordon Red

Gordon Tartan

{Abiding} {by courage not cunning)


Gaelic Name


The name Gordon comes from the parish of Gordon in Berwickshire and Sir Adam of Gordon was granted Strathbogie, confiscated from the Earl of Atholl, in Aberdeenshire by Robert the Bruce in return for service to Bruce's cause, including being one of the ambassador's to Rome who fought to have the Bruce's excommunication removed. The Gordon's weilded enormous power during the 16th and 17th centuries, so much so that their chief was known as the, Cock of the North The castle of Strathbogie was renamed Huntly after a part of the Gordon lands in the Borders. In 1436 Alexander Gordon was named Lord Gordon and his son was given the title of Earl of Huntly. During the fighting between the Douglases and the King, the Gordon's sided with the Royals. Their lands were then raised and the castle of Huntly burned when the Gordons moved south to aid the King. However, once the power of the Douglases was broken the Gordons grew unchallenged. The fourth Duke of Gordon raised, at his own expense, his own regiment known as the Gordon Highlanders for whom the yellow stripe was introduced into the Black watch tartan. He was also Chancellor of Scotland in 1547 and was a close friend of Mary of Guise Mary Queen of Scot's mother. During the 1715 and 1745 Jacobite rebellions the Gordon's fought on both sides. The second Duke of Gordon followed the "Old Pretender" at Sheriffmuir but the third Duke fought for the Hanoverians against Prince Charlie at Culloden. The Dukes brother, Lord Louis Gordon, did raise two battalions of Gordons to fight for the Prince. He died in France in 1754. The mother of the famous poet Lord Byron was Catherine Gordon of Gight, who inherited Gight Castle and its lands.

Surnames and Septs

There are two types of septs: First are the men of the clan who were related by blood and formed separate divisions, Second were individuals and groups who looked for and got protection of the clan. The sept members can wear the tartan of the clan, although some of the septs now have tartans of their own.

{The House of Gordon is subject to no other House or Clan}


A Adam Adamson Addie Adie Addiso Aiken Aitchison Atkin Atkins Atkinson B Badenoch Barrie C Connor Connon Craig Cromb Crombie Cullen Culane D Darg Darge Dorwald Duff Durward E Eadie Eddie Edie Edison Esslemont G Gardiner Gardner Garioch Garrick Garriock Geddes Gerrie H Huntley Huntly J Jessiman Jopp Jupp L Laing Lang Laurie Lawrie Leng Ling M MacAdam Mallett Manteach Marr Maver Meldrum Mill Mills Milles Miln Milne Milner More Morrice Muir Mylne S Steel Steele T Teal Tod Todd Troup

The following is what I have found to be my Gordon ancestral family, Scottland. This is a compiled research from Gordon researchers that I know, others that have genealogy post on the Internet and my personal research. All the information here has been established by two or more sources. This is an ongoing genealogy of this Gordon family correction, questions and complaints should be emailed to the Webmaster. Thanks for the visit.
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Adam de Gordun II Adam, 2nd of that Ilk Richard, 3rd of that Ilk Adam of Gordon (1190) Alexander of Huntly Adam of Huntly Sir Adam of Huntly m.Alicia of Gordon (d 1280, dau of Sir Thomas of Gordon) Adam of Gordon (d by 1296) m. Marjorie Sir Adam of Gordon (d c1328, Justiciar of Lothian, Ambassador) m. Amabilla Sir Adam Gordon of that ilk (d 1351) John Gordon of that ilk (d before 02.1360-1) m. Elizabeth Sir John Gordon of that ilk (d unm before 11.10.1395) m. Elizabeth Cruickshanks (dau of the laird of Aswanley) STEP John Gordon of Scurdargue m. Margaret John Gordon, 1st of Auchleuchries m. Elizabeth Abernethy (dau of Laurence Abernethy, 1st Lord Saltoun) STEP John Gordon, 2nd of Auchleuchries (d c1496 m. Margaret Forbes (dau of Sir Alexander Forbes, 3rd of Pitsligo) John Gordon, 3rd of Auchleuchries, 1st of Pitlurg (d 1546) m 1. Jane Stewart (dau of John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl) John Gordon, 2nd of Pitlurg, 4th of Auchleuchries (d Pinkie 10.09.1547) m. (1542-3) Janet Ogilvie (dau of Alexander Ogilvie of Deskford) Sir John Gordon, 3rd of Pitlurg (d 16.09.1600) m. (1567) Isabel Forbes (b 16.10.1548, bur 22.03.1622, dau of Forbes, 7th Lord) John Gordon, 4th of Pitlurg (d 1619) m. Nicola Kinnaird (dau of Patrick Kinnaird) Robert Gordon of Straloch, 5th of Pitlurg (b 14.09.1580, d 18.08.1661, geographer, etc) m. (1608) Katherine Irvine (d 03.08.1662, dau of Alexander Irvine of Wester Beltie, cadet of Drum) Arthur Gordon of Straloch (b 1625, d 1680) m. Catherine Menzies (dau of Alexander Menzies of Kinmundy *Lady Mary Gordon 1671-1742 m. Sir James Abercromby 1668-1734 2nd baronet of Birkenbog James Alexander Abercrombie, II. b. 1713 in Scotland near St. Andrews d. 1782 m. 1st Hannah Pickard no issue, m. 2nd Katherine Thompson. COLVILLE ABERCROMBIE, b 04 Oct. 1763, Ninety- Six Dist., SC, d. 01 Nov. 1837 Laurens Co., SC. m 11 Jul. 1785, Ninety- Six Dist., SC, MARY LINDLEY b. 1764, d. 12 June 1852, dau. of Thomas Lindley (son of, James Lindley, born April 16, 1681 and Eleanor Parke, born Jan 2, 1683.) b. 1706, Ballyredman, County Carlow, Ireland, d 14 Sep. 1781, Orange Co., NC. m 1731, Chester Co., PA, Ruth HADLEY, dau. Simon and Ruth (Miller) Hadley, b. 1711 d. 1785, Orange Co., NC. *Ruthie ABERCROMBIE b. 1803 Laurens Co., SC m. Alfred Franklin (Banks) SIMS 1800 – 1886 was the son of, Clayborn C. Sims Jr. b. 1760 Halifax, Virginia & d. 1812 m. 1785 Martha “Paddy” Parker b. 1766 & d. 1819 Laurens, SC dau. of William Parker SC. Alfred Sims and Ruthie Abercrombie moved to Georgia in 1834. Alfred d. in Rockdale Co., Ga. on April 2, 1886. Ruthie d. in Rockdale Co. Ga. 1892. Both are buried in Smyrna Church Cem., Rockdale Co., Ga. (um) the 1950 DeKalb Co., Ga. *Sarah Elizabeth Sims b. Jan. 1, 1827 d. m. John A. Puckett b. Jan. 16, 1827 Newton C., GA son of John H. Puckett and Tabitha Richards. John A. Puckett was a soldier in the Confederate Army and the US Dakotas Indian Wars. John Rufas Puckett b.17 Mar. 1861 Henry Co., GA d. there 24 June 1951 m. 1st Harriett Ludella Pattillo b. 1869 Henry Co., GA d. 1929. Harriett was the dau. of James Martin Pattillo and Elizabeth Hightower. *Fannie Louisa Puckett b.8 Aug 1887 d. 10 Jan 1923. m. William Dauphus Corley 12 Dec. 1903 born July 23, 1884 died May 11, 1967 Son of William A. Corley and MAry Elizabeth Callaway. James Calvin Corley b. 1 Aug. 1921 d. 8 Aug. 1973 m. Ruby Virginia Johnson b. 20 Mar. 1924 (Living) dau. of Nathan Lewis JOHNSON b. 16 July 1902-10 d. June 1989-Dallas N.C. and Lois Lillian WESTBROOK b 30 Apr. d. 23 Mar. 1928. Lois was the dau. of James Westbrook and Mary Lynch. David E. Corley m. Sherry Gentry (Living) DR. Joe Aaron Corley m. Paula Eversole Issue: Wm Landon Corley, Adalyn K Corley (Living) Justin Daniel Corley (Living)

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