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At Shadnor First Baptist Church cemetery in Union City there is two simple markers telling of 3 Unknown Union and 18 Unknown Confederate soldiers buried in the church cemetery. These soldiers were killed in the area during August, September and October of 1864. Church records are long lost and no record has been found yet for the exact location of these soldiers graves. We do know that the family who own family plots in Shadnor cemetery gave places for these soldiers to be buried. With the consent of church officials an area of the cemetery was designated for 21 Unknown Soldiers grave markers for these soldiers. On September 30, 2006 SCV Camps, "Sharpburg Sharpshooters" #1729 and "Gen. Longstreet" #1289 held a dedication ceremony for these 21 Unknown and 26 old and newly marked Confederate soldiers graves at Shadnor.

Dedication Service

”Marking the grave of a Confederate soldier who has no marker or none telling of his service to his country is the most rewarding, the most enduring of all the duties of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. For over one hundred years people have passed the graves of these men not knowing their significance. Now when they pass and look upon them they will know they were heroes of their day, that they were Confederate soldiers.” David E. Corley VWM/SCV

American War Veterans Buried at Shadnor First Baptist Cemetery Union City, Georgia


Confederate States of America

Union Army of America


All but a few of these markers were researched, ordered and placed in the summer of 2006 by David E. Corley including the 3 Unknown Union and 18 Unknown Confederate. He is a member of GA SCV Camp 1729, and GA SAR Marquis De Lafayette Chapter and other Hereditary Society. Some of the others were placed by GA SCV Camp 1289 member David Helms, and others by the veteran’s descendants. Coweta, Campbell and Fayette Counties Genealogy Societies were the source of research.

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