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Over the years SCV Camp 1729 has placed VA/CSA grave markers on the graves of many Confederate soldiers in Coweta County and other places. There were many soldiers whose story are well documented and interesting. I will high- light one of these from time to time, they will be from or have links to the Coweta County area. We start with one I have great admiration for. He was an honest and upright man all the days of his life. He served his country, Confederate States Of America, with pride and honor. An ancestor of 1729’s own Adjutant, Ronny North.

Dr. Abraham C. North 26 Oct 1838 - 28 Jan 1910

Abraham Columbus North, MD was born in Coweta Co., Georgia. His father was a War Of 1812 soldier, Anthony North and Mother Mary Polly Hubbard she lived to 103 year old they were Coweta Pioneers. Anthony North the son of Robert North II and Leah Echols of Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Anthony North was a State Representative and active in local affairs. Abraham C. North married Martha Yates Bailey b: 23 Feb 1842 in Georgia m: 29 Jun 1865 in Coweta Co., Georgia d: 21 Apr 1904 Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery - Newnan, Coweta Co., Georgia. He married 2nd Lucy J. Hudson m: 31 Oct 1906 in Coweta Co., Georgia. At the start of the War for Southern Independence Abraham C. North joined Coweta’s Company A, 7th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry Army of Northern Virginia, “Coweta Guard”. He was made 1st Sergeant May 31, 1861 and Assistant Surgeon January 14, 1863. See post below. Another famous CSA soldier from Coweta served with Sergeant North, Private William Thomas Overby. Both men came from the same area of the county. Now Dr. AC North at the battle of 2nd Manassas Virginia treated most of the wounded. Private Overby was wounded August 30, 1862 in this battle and it’s very possible that Dr. North treated his wound.
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Private Overby would later join up with the famous “Gray Ghost” Mosby's Rangers Co. D, 43 Battn. Virginia Cavalry. After the war Dr. AC North returned home and continued his practice serving the people of Coweta, his church and the honor and memory of his fellow Confederate Veterans. Dr. North died where he was born in his beloved Coweta County.

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