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Here are some things of interest and links to other web site of mine and others family related. If you have any or something to add to this list send them to me.

Thanks, David E. Corley

"My Corley Home Page" "Our Hightower Line"

This is a copy of the flag of the unit that W.D. Corley's father, W.A. Corley served in the War Between the States. He was inCo. A, 22nd Ga. Batn. Heavy Artillery "Bartow Artillery" CSA. These Old Confederate soldier veterans at their 1913 reunion in McDonough Ga. William Asmon Corley, W.D.'s father was there. From all the information I have on him I believe that the fourth man from the right is him.

"Bartow Artillery Home Page"

"Our Pattillo Line"

"Corley's Celts"

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