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Robert I, King of Scots, was the architect of Scotland greatest ever victory over the English at Bannockburn, driving them out and uniting all Scotland in a burning desire for independence. Bruce took up the reins of Scotland's freedom as the other great patriot of the age, Sir William Wallace, was forced to let them go. Robert was crowned king in a year after Wallace was hung, drawn and quartered by the English in 1305, and he became determined to achieve the one feat his heroic predecessor had never managed - to free Scotland.

Of my blood links to Scotland the first I post here is through the ancient House of ABERCROMBY and the House of GORDON. Through these ancient Celtic Houses I have blood lines to many Celt Clans including, DOUGALL, DOUGLAS, DUNBAR and STEWART. More than one of these blood lines is to the SCOTTISH ROYAL DYNASTIES, House of ALPIN (d. 834) via the house of ATHOLL, via the House of BRUCE, via Robert 1 "The Bruce" (1306-1329) King of Scots. My 22nd times Great Grandfather.




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