SCV Camp 1729 Sharpsburgs Sharpshooters
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We, the posterity of the Officer Corps and civil officials of the Confederacy, do pledge ourselves to comemorate and honor the service of leadership these men rendered in the cause of the fundamental American principles of self-determination and states' rights and to perpetuate the true history of their deeds for the edification of ourselves, our society, and for generations yet unborn. "It is our duty to keep the memory of our heroes green. Yet they belong to the whole country; they belong to America." President, Jefferson Davis CSA On August 30, 1938, the first meeting of the "Order of the Stars & Bars" was convened with seventeen former Confederate officers and forty- seven male descendants of Confederate officers in attendance. It was unique in that the organization was made up of veterans and their descendants with the understanding that as the original Confederate officers died their off- spring would continue to carry on the purposes of the Order. The name of the Order was changed to "The Military Order of the Stars & Bars" at the general convention held at Memphis, Tennessee, in 1976, and the "Stars and Bars", the first National Flag of the Confederate States of America was accepted as the symbol of the Order.

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