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My Bulter Line By David E. Corley John BUTLER of Ireland is the 8 times Great Grandfather of David E. Corley John BUTLER B: c1672 Kilkenny County Ireland D: 1757 Culpeper Co., VA Married: Edmund Butler B: c1696 Kilkenny County Ireland D: 17 September 1747 Goochland Co., Southam Parish, VA (Is of the Ireland Royal Ormonde Butler family) Married: c1719 Frances Cooke B: c1698 Kilkenny County Ireland D: Daughter of, James Cooke Aaron BUTLER B: c1721 Culpeper Co., VA D: March 1777 Married: Aaron Butlerís will was dated 13 Oct 1776 and Pro 24 March 1777 Frances (Fannie) BUTLER B: c1744 D: Married: 9 March 1771 Prince Edward, VA David PUCKETT B: c1746 in Prince Edward, VA. D: John H. PUCKETT B: 20 May 1788 in VA D: 17 February 1868 Pittsburgh, TX age 79 Buried Rose Hill Cemetery Camp Co. TX Married: 11 October 1811 Green Co. GA Tabitha RICHARDS B: 27 September 1791 in Green Co, GA D: aft 1839 Rockdale Co, GA See Puckett Line "Solving the Puckett Puzzle" This is a query that I posted 5 years ago on the, internet searching for information on our PUCKETT ancestors. Other PUCKETT cousins and I had researche for years to find the parents of John H. PUCKETT but keep running into a brick wall. A few months ago I was working on this and studying the children of John H. PUCKETT. I wondered why John had given the name BUTLER as a middle name to several of his children. I remembered the post above and Frances Fannie BUTLER. I decided to research her family line and it wasnít long until I realized our great, great, great, Grandfather John H. PUCKETT had left us his family history in his childrenís names. I think John knew that some day his descendents would be looking for him and find these clues with his children that would lead to the answers to who our ancestors were. I was able to without question find our PUCKETT family line thought John H. Puckett and his parents David Puckett and Frances Butler. I believe these PUCKETTs came from Ireland with Francesís Butler family. For a long time I tried to connect John H. PUCKETT to the immigrant John PUCKETT, from England who came to America in 1637 and died 1677, his wife was Anne JEFFERY. I could never make anything stick to this John PUCKETT. However to make thing more confusing this John PUCKETT from England and Anne JEFFERY are our ancestor grandparents through our HIGHTOWER line. I wonít get into that now. To show you how this genealogy, (Family Research) puzzle works. I have matched up John H. PUCKETTís children in bold. I have put the children with the ancestor they are named for: Children of: John H. and Tabitha RICHARDS PUCKETT 01 Winny PUCKETT B: 7 Feb 1811 in Greene, GA Married: Montgomery WALLACE was born in 1806 in Greene, Ga. He died in 1850 02 Milbry PUCKETT 1812-187 03 David VINSON PUCKET 1814 04 Douglas PUCKETT 1817-1891 *05 Edmund Butler PUCKETT 1819-1864 * 06 Aaron Butler PUCKETT 1821 *07 James Cooke PUCKETT *08 Frances Butler PUCKETT 09 John Butler A (1828- 1904) Sara Elizabeth Sims Newton Co., GA My BUTLER Line John BUTLER *Namesake for John Butler Puckett 09 Edmund Butler *Namesake for Edmund Butler Puckett 05 Married: Frances Cooke daughter of, James Cooke *Namesake for James Cooke Puckett 07 Aaron BUTLER *Namesake for Aaron Butler Puckett 06 Married: Aaron Butlerís will was dated 13 Oct 1776 and Pro 24 March 1777 Frances BUTLER *Namesake for Frances Butler Puckett 08 Married: David PUCKETT From my Richards Line George RICHARDS, Jr. Married: 24 October 1789 in Franklin County, NC Lydia (Liddy) VINSON (Mother of Tabitha RICHARDS m. John H. PUCKETT) Dau of (u)David VINSON and FRANCIS *Namesake for David Vinson PUCKETT 03

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