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1997 Commander BILLY ALFORD Holds one of two citations where the Georgia House of Rep-resentatives is recognizing the camps accomplishments. (BLR) EDDIE LANHAM, ADJUTANT RONNY NORTH, BECK, ADC THOMAS CALDWELL, Jr., TREASURER JIM GOODRUM, (FLR) CMDR BILLY ALFORD, PAST CMDR DAVID CORLEY, CHAPLAIN BILL POE, LT CMDR BRAD MADDOX "1997 Georgia Division Distinguished Camp of the Year" "1997 Honorable Mention for IN SCV Tabor Award" "1997 "Lt. Commanders Award" "1997 Dixie Club Award" "1998 Dixie Club Award" "Certificate of Appreciation from Army of Tennessee Department" "1998 Georgia Division Distinguished Camp" "1998 Distinguished Confederate" "1998 Northwest Brigade Distinguished Camp of the Year" "1998 Georgia Division Grave Marking Award"* "1999 Georgia Division Grave Marking Award"* "1999 Distinguished Confederate" "1999 Northwest Brigade Distinguished Camp of the Year" "2000 Georgia Division Grave Marking Award"* "2000 Georgia Division Commanders Award" "2000 Northwest Brigade Distinguished Camp of the Year" Georgia Division Superior Camp of 2002 Georgia Division Superior Camp of 2006 Georgia Division Distinguished Camp of the Year 2008


*"In 1997/98/99/2000 the Sharpshooters ordered and placed over 1500 Confederate Grave Markers and awared Georgia Division's Grave Marking Award each." In 2009 The Camp accepted on behalf of William Thomas Overby a plaque from The Georgia 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team inducting him into The 48th Brigade Hall of Fame for his service with Co. A 7th Georgia Infantry and Mosby's Rangers of The Confederate States Army.

H.R. No.599

"A Resolution Commending the Sharpsburh Sharpshooters Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #1729 for it's efforts to preserve the South's glorious hertitage. H.R. No.599 by Representives Westmorsland of the 104th, Smith of the 103rd, Brown of the 130th and Yates of the 106 Districts. Read and adopted in the house of Representatives March 25,1997"

House Resolution 1079


"A Resolution designating the William Thomas Overby Memorial Parkway; and for other purposes. WHEREAS, he was the only Georgian who received the Confederate Medal of Honor. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY that members of this body designate that portion of Georgia Highway 154 from Sharpsburg to the intersection of Georgia Highway 29 {Jefferson Davis Highway} as the William Thomas Overby Memorial Parkway, in honor of William Thomas Overby, courageous and distinguished Confederate soldier. Presented July 1998 to the Sharpsburg Sharpshooters SCV camp #1729 creators and masters of the project. By: Senator Rick Price of District 28 Signed by, Pierre Howard-President of the Senate, Thomas Murphy-Speaker of the House, Secretary of the Senate, Cleark of the House. Lt. CMDR Brad Maddox was instrumental in achieving this project.


With World Wide coverage in December 1996 the Sharpshooters brought back home the remains of Confederate Soldier and Confederate Medal of Honor reciepten, Pvt. William Thomas Overby form Markham Va. to Coweta County, Georgia. On January 5, 1997 Overby was reentered at Oak Hill Cemetery in Newnan, Georgia. Overby was escourted from the Rotunda of the Coweta County Court House a mile away by over 3000 re-enactors, SCV, UDC, OREL and spectators.

Jefferson Davis Highway Signs

On Saturday, June 22, 1996 the Sharpshooters orginized and sponsored a ceremony to dedadacate a Jefferson Davis Highway Sign at the Georgia- Alabama state line, West Point, Georgia and Lanett, Alabama. The ceremony assembled SCV Camps from three Georgia Divisions, SCV Camps for the Alabama Division, members of the UDC from both states and members of the Georgia Order of Robert E. Lee were present as was members of 1st Battn. Co.D. Re- enactors and the Lt. Gen. Hardee and Lt. Col. Robert P. Taylor Military Order of the Stars and Bars were among the participants

Lee's Order No.83

August 21 has been declared a day of "fasting, humiliation and prayer" for the Confederate States of America by General Lee's Order No. 83 and CIC Orlebeke's General Order No. 1. This Order was issued by the request of Cmdr/Chaplain Bill Poe of the Sharpsburg Sharpshooters/ William Thomas Overby Memorial Camp # 1729 August 1997. The Sharpshooters are proud to of had as a member Real Son James W. Preston. James's father was Chaplain Archibald G. Preston 3rd Reg. Ala. Rev. James died in March of 1997 shortly after receiving his first Confederate Veteran Mag. His sister Real Daughter Edith Preston Britten was a Sharpshooter OREL member. {James and Edith were PCMDR Corley's cousin} Image 2
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